Friday, May 14, 2010

This Moment

"Daily work is not drudgery or pressure-packed, but cadence and beauty. This work is our slow dance with God."    - Ann Voskamp

Do we realize that THIS life, THIS day, THIS activity, is holy? Do we realize we are with God in this moment? Do we realize this moment IS God’s plan for us? We have the opportunity at every moment to spend intimate time with our Father, Creator. He has made us for this. He longs for us to turn our eyes to Him and open our arms, hearts and minds in this moment. He is waiting beside us, within us, for an invitation to participate in our every moment. No matter what we are doing. We are missing billions of opportunities to be infused by Boundless Energy, Infinite Knowledge and Perfect Love. How many seconds, how many moments, opportunities, are in a lifetime?

1 billion seconds = 31yrs 251days 13hrs 34min 53seconds
2 billion seconds = 63yrs 137days 21hrs 21min 4seconds
3 billion seconds = 95yrs 24days 5hrs 7min 11seconds
How many moments are we willing to waste? We could have already wasted a billion, even 2. And WE are wasting away as a result. Yes, even in our most difficult work, our deepest trenches, our maddeningly mundane, we can be filled to overflowing with all the fullness of God. (Eph. 3:17b-18) Let’s take THIS moment, EVERY moment to share intimacy with the Father. Let’s talk to Him, listen, thank Him, and appreciate THIS moment as a gift from Him – part of His plan for our life – and give Him the opportunity to fill us with the boundless, perfect gifts that are only His to offer – the ONLY gifts that will truly satiate us and infuse us with the power to enter into the next moment stronger, better, more complete than we entered the last.

Father, thank you for the billions of opportunities I have to be intimate with You here in this life. Forgive me for the opportunities I have wasted. Remind me to invite You into the multitude moments I have yet to experience so You can fill me with Yourself. Thank You.

Invite Him to THIS Moment!

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